November 8, 2012

Upcoming Appearance: The NACrafters Expo

Pomegranate Apple Soap
Yes, I know the blog's gotten to be a bit craft heavy lately, and it's most likely going to be for a while more heading into the holidays. However, this weekend's NACrafter's Expo in Huntsville, AL is going to be my last show of the year. From this point on, craft posts in the remainder of 2012 will be either craft fails, new items for the store, or one of the tutorials I have planned, and I will try to keep it to two posts a week.

If you're in the Tennessee Valley, you might have seen two of the organizers talking about the show on WHNT's noon coverage yesterday. The link is to the video and write up if you missed it.
NACrafters is an Etsy Team for people who hand make the items they sell here locally. Jessica Moon founded the group a few years back to give the members a place to talk about crafting in general and local shows and events. If you know the area, you know folks around here are a talented lot, so the group grew quickly. Soon enough, we had enough members to put on our own events, and they just keep getting bigger.

Blueberry Soap
Unfortunately, I've missed the last of the group's two expos, but I was able to participate in the first one. It was an outdoor show in late July 2011, and it poured down most of that morning and throughout half of the expo. Still, we had a good turnout, and the last half of the show went very well. Since then, the group has been able to move to an indoor venue in a more centralized area. I hated that I didn't have the opportunity to attend their 2011 holiday expo or the one back in March, and I'm absolutely delighted to be participating in the show Saturday. I can't wait to see what all the other artisans have in their booths.

Speaking of items available, you'll notice the pictures I have today aren't from the last NACrafter's Expo I attended. Unfortunately, I didn't have a working camera at the time, so I don't have any photos from that particular event. The soaps you see in the post today are some other new soaps I have available, and you'll be able to find them at my booth Saturday along with online at my Etsy Shop

Fresh Apple Soap
All three varieties are made using a combination of glycerin and goat milk soap colored with mineral oxide powders. Currently I think these soaps may be a limited time offer, but they may become a staple depending on how they're received. 

The company I buy my supplies and ingredients from offers a free 2 oz. sample fragrance for every purchase over a specific amount, and that's how I came across these specific fragrances. At this time, I have no plans to use these fragrance oils in any of my original blends, so I've no reason to purchase more unless they turn out to be in high demand.

If you're in the area, come out and see us at the Huntsville Depot Roundhouse from 10-5 Saturday and check out what the forty-seven local artisans in attendance have to offer.

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