November 21, 2013

So, Thanksgiving is coming up next week.

As has probably become obvious by now, I'm still trying to find a good balance here on the blog itself after merging The Tekaran Lady, Contented Comfort, and this blog into one as well as with my newish YouTube channel. This process will probably intensify over the next few weeks or months as I get back into posting and uploading on some kind of regular basis. Things might get a bit crazy around here for a while, so please have patience with me.

Boo Bear took advantage of everyone talking to sneak HALF a pie!

I've been brainstorming, and of course considering the time of year we're in now, a lot of what I've been thinking about revolves around the holidays. I'm currently working on a child friendly Thanksgiving tag and planning to shoot a few Sunday Sides and Suppers videos featuring a few super easy but delicious gluten free sides and desserts as I start into my holiday cooking. I'll also do a couple of writing posts and/or vlogs as I get back into working on Right of Succession and start pre-writing my next project. And, of course, there are some things I may end up co-writing with Hubby regarding homeschooling and the other change ups we've had going on the past couple of months.

As for the Thanksgiving tag, the holiday is coming up a week from today, so now's the time. I'm planning to shoot the video with Boo and Sneak tomorrow afternoon. (Then again, I've been trying to shoot a vlog for the past three days with no luck, so who knows how that will go.) If you have a blog or a YouTube channel and would like to do the tag, comment below, and I'll send you the questions.

If there's something you'd really like to see here or on TheTekaranlady, please tell me below.

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