November 7, 2013

So, I have this odd idea...

Long time readers will know I'm one of those folks who is always experimenting with how I cook food. There's even a cookbook floating around as proof.

A while back, I was scrolling through Pinterest and later my Facebook news feed, and I kept coming across the ecard below.

Not mine! Find the original here.

Considering I've often thought about giving up trying to cook because even now, the girls tend to turn into either bottomless pits or miniature food critics the minute I step into the kitchen, I resonate with this ecard. In fact, a few days ago, I was in the middle of Hubby's latest cooking lesson when the girls came into the kitchen. Boo Bear saw we were making sausage hash and got excited, loudly wishing it was ready right then and asking how long it'd take to be done. Sneak on the other hand, started crying because she knew Nana had brought them three packages of the disgusting corn tortillas the girls absolutely love for some odd reason, and she was determined she was going to have a peanut butter sandwich instead. I remembered this ecard and joked with Hubby that we could make the cooking show it was talking about.

I expected him to just roll his eyes and keep on browning the sausage while I chopped up the vegetables, but he chuckled and said he thought that actually be a decent idea. When I looked at him oddly, he responded, "It'd be funny if nothing else."

Between his unexpected reaction and the fact I've been skipping writing Sunday Sides and Suppers articles for months now because it's next to impossible to get an appetizing looking photo of real food, especially now that it's dark outside come dinnertime, I've started thinking about going for it. I have a bunch of recipes, usually ones that make between 6-14 servings, because I'm the queen of leftovers. 

Of late, I've needed some encouragement to cook dinner too. I'm super lucky that my new job is not only part-time, but it allows for me to get home by 4:30 most evenings. I have time to cook. However, I hate driving at the best of times, so the drive home wears me flat out. And I'm one of those folks whose appetite is the first thing to go when they're tired.

I want to know what you think before I go and spend an evening cooking on camera and another one editing and uploading. Here's how it'd work.

1. It'd be shot starting about ten minutes after I get home on a Tuesday evening.
2. All recipes have to be simple enough to manage with kids running through the kitchen.
3. The girls will be able to come into the kitchen, and I won't edit them out. (So long as they are fully clothed.)
4. All recipes will be budget friendly. (I mean come on. I still only spend around $50-$60 a week to feed all four of us.)

So comment down below and tell me what you think about this idea. The videos would be available on my YouTube channel, but I would also embed them here along with a written recipe under the Sunday Sides and Suppers label.

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