January 15, 2014

Contented Comfort's Getting Another Makeover

As the third birthday of Contented Comfort approaches, I've been contemplating the store's future.

I decided to try blending original fragrances inspired by my love of science fiction and fantasy right about the time the store turned a year old, and I've never been happier about a business move. Two years later, it's become obvious the future of Contented Comfort is in geek culture. This means the original logo and look no longer fits, so contentedcomfort.com and the Etsy storefront will both be undergoing another makeover this year.

As such, Peppermint Cream, Lavender, Blueberry, Fresh Apple, Pomegranate Apple, Strawberries & Champagne, and Cinnamon Honey fragrances will now be offered only as limited edition seasonal items or as custom orders.

The logo redesign means I have a fair amount of stock to either sell or repackage before my first event this year, so I have decided to offer my existing stock at half price while supplies last. Once the store sells out, I will temporarily close the Etsy storefront until I've rebuilt inventory.

While this is going on, I will be rebuilding Contented Comfort's website as well as redecorating a bit on Etsy. However, I will also be offering the opportunity to purchase items directly from me as a test measure.

Beyond increasing the price of usage for sellers, Etsy "redefined" handmade in such a way that now includes sellers who make use of manufacturers. For this reason, I am considering moving away from using the marketplace and experimenting with other services and websites. I would love to hear your feedback on this as well as your thoughts on the redesign as it begins later this week.

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