January 14, 2015

Random Thoughts from the First of the Year

2015 has been another year started miserably sick, so I've had a lot of time to think while waiting in doctor's offices and curled up in bed waiting on medicines to kick in. Mostly I just kind of stared at the wall and fantasied about installing release valves in my sinuses, but I also found myself musing on a few things.

Of course, a lot of thinking on the world the Icarus trilogy was done. I won't go into much of it here, but tidbits might end up being mentioned in the world building lessons coming up on the other blog. I'm not sure though as I haven't starting writing Monday's lesson just yet.

As is sadly usual when I fall ill, the house has slowly degraded into a mess. Hubby does what he can, but he's back teaching. Now that his students have the ability to work ahead on their lessons from home, a surprising number of them are taking advantage of this. So a fair chunk of each evening is taken up with grading or resetting tasks for his students as well as helping Boo Bear with the same software. (It starts on the third grade level, so Sneak isn't quite ready for it, much to her frustration.) I've been doing my best to at least stem the tide as well. But there's only so much you can do when breathing is problematic and bending or leaning over makes your head feel as if it will explode.

Because of this, I've been staring at the offending mess and drifting somewhere between determination to conquer it and being overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all. Now that I'm starting to mend, I keep making daily to do lists in desperate need of trimming down, but I try to finish them anyway. I know somewhere in the back of my mind that it'll take a solid six or seven weeks of chipping away at it all to bring the house back from the post holiday and illness disorganized chaos. But a larger part of my mind refuses to acknowledge this truth and stubbornly insists it can be done in a week.

I swear my inner perfectionist has forgotten I have a full time job now and don't have twelve or more hours to devote to cleaning anymore.

On a somewhat related note, I've taken to watching YouTube videos while folding laundry or doing dishes or any given menial task that is necessary and hated in equal measure. As I've done so, the temptation to begin making videos myself or even vlog has presented itself. I type that, the thought I'm crazy to feel tempted pops up wearing an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt.

The house is wrecked. I still look like death warmed over. When would I find the time to upload clips, edit them together, render them into a video, and upload said videos to YouTube? I stopped making videos last year for a reason. There are only so many hours in a day, and I'd rather spend what time I have outside of the day job schooling the girls, writing quality books and posts, soaping, crocheting, and taking some time to just live.

Maybe we'll vlog a bit in the future if Boo Bear or Sneak's interest in making videos extends to actually editing them. Otherwise, I'm going to have to keep repeating the paragraph above to myself anytime the temptation arrises.

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