January 3, 2015


I've done a bit of updating here on the blog this morning. It's nothing major, but the start of a new year is a good time for sprucing up, don't you think?

First I added a status bar for my current works-in-progress. It's over on the right between my other web links and the topic labels. I doubt I will have time to update it every day as I continue drafting Icarus, but I plan to update at least every Saturday morning. It's kind of depressing at the moment, but I'm just getting started.

When I clicked back onto the blog to look over that addition, I realized I had some defunct links. So I went back and deleted those as well as added a link to the author's website I set up last month. I've started another blog over there just for writing topics, and I'm beginning a free creative writing course over there on Monday too. Go check it out.

Like I said, it's nothing major, just a little sprucing up for the new year.

What have you been doing the last couple of days to kick off 2015?

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