June 24, 2015

Fragrance Introduction: Solid Luck

Thanks to a month where one or the other of us were sick with one thing after another, I'm a lot later getting started producing the new line of fragrances this year. But now that I'm back in the grove, I'm working like mad to have them all ready to debut at Con Kasterborous here in a couple of weeks.

Solid Luck Glycerin Soaps
Today's fragrance is another request. I was asked to create something in honor of the Felix Felicis potion from the Harry Potter series. Solid Luck is the result.

The soaps are all glycerin and colored with a sparkling gold mica powder, so it looks like the Felix Felicis potion in solid form. The scent is a light and crisp blend of ginger, lime, basil, fresh greens, bergamot, and white tea.

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