June 26, 2015

Fragrance Introduction: Through the Wardrobe

Today's fragrance is yet another request. It was for a scent honoring winter in Narnia.

Through the Wardrobe Goat Milk and Glycerin Soaps
A color pallet of cobalt and creamy white with golden flecks of sparkle entered my mind at the suggestion. The fragrance is a crisp, cool, and refreshing blend of white gardenia, evergreen, crackling firewood, and peppermint with just a hint of raspberry and vanilla.

I was afraid directly inserting the snowflake patterns into the goat milk would hide or distort them, so I experimented with using a thin top layer of clear glycerin. Unfortunately, displacement thickened the glycerin layer enough to create a seam between the insert's backing and the rest of the goat milk soap. I did insert one directly into a bar of extra goat milk soap to see if they turned out differently. That one, though undersized, turned out to be my favorite. The snowflake showed up almost perfectly, and there wasn't much of a seam between the insert and the rest of the bar at all. So, there will likely be a slight adjustment to the design next go around.

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