February 18, 2016

Improving Weaknesses

So last week I talked about how I stink at keeping up with the books, a.k.a. the not so fun part of running a business. Today I'm coming back to talk about the steps I'm taking to try and improve on that.

First off, I finally got started putting all of last year's information together and compiling it. While I was at it, I started one for 2016 as well. We're only six weeks in, so there's not much yet. I plan to keep chipping away at the 2015 records fifteen to thirty minutes a day, a rate at which I should finish by the weekend. I'll continue to add to the new 2016 file as I go when there's pertinent information.

Going forward, I'm going to add updating the books and inventory/sales files to my daily schedule at the same time every day. Adding it to my phone's calendar that is, not the written to do list. As annoying as they can be from time to time, phone reminder notifications are such a boon for those of us who are absent minded or who get hyper focused on certain tasks.

How are you working to improve weaknesses in your business or personal productivity habits?

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