February 11, 2009

A Break from the Norm

Believe it or not folks, I'm currently working on two non-fiction projects right now.

First, I actually began working on the first project to help out a friend over a year ago now, then completely flaked and eventually forgot about the project altogether. Then, following a visit to his blog the other day, the memory broke through the fog drenched landscape that has been my mind the past several months. I'm jumping right back into the project and hope to have my bit completed for him within the next few weeks.

The other project is actually a cookbook/budgeting guide. I'm in the brainstorming and recipe development phase of this one. I already have a fair amount of recipes, but I'm working on a few more to round it out. The past couple of years have been good for culinary creativity, what with the family changing our diets and shifting the budget around to handle a job change and the addition of Sneak the family.

I hope to release the cookbook sometime late spring/early summer. Then it's back to writing sci-fi and fantasy.

It's a break from the norm, but it seems to be helping bring my writing skills back from atrophy.

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