February 17, 2009

Moving Forward in Baby Steps

If there's one thing I've learned from my daughter's, it's small movements add up to huge feats. If just five inches of height gained from standing on her step stool can make all the difference to Boo, and Sneak can be content seeing the world by scooting along three inches at a time, surely I can move ahead one baby step at a time.

I need to get over my impatience though.

I'm still fighting the notion I need to sit down and hammer out huge chunks of text in order to make progress on The Cookbook or any of the other projects I have going on. Of course, it would also help if I had more than just five minutes here and there. By the time I gather my thoughts and write half a sentence, someone's crying again it seems. Oh well, at least the recipe creation phase is going along.

Is it counterproductive to work on a cookbook at the same time you're trying to loose weight?

It helps that it's a cookbook for healthy living, I suppose. I do have a few treats to slip into the back of the book, but most of the recipes I'm working on currently are rather lean. My entries into the Pillsbury Bake Off notwithstanding.

* Picture is Boo when she was learning how to walk.

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