March 26, 2009

Playtime's Over. Back to Work.

The family and I are finally all moved into our new home. It took two extra weeks to finalize the closing, a week for all the moving and unpacking, and another week to get our internet up and running again, but I'm finally back. This isn't just true for the blog here, but for the two WIPs as well.

As part of the 52 Week Challenge, I've worked out a daily routine for the girls and myself. The girls thrive on routine, and if I don't schedule time for the things I want and need to do, those things normally get shoved to the wayside by everything else. So, there is now a block set aside each day for writing, whether it be blogging, working on "the cookbook," or finishing up the rewrites on Succession.

I've determined I'm going to leave the collection of notebooks until after I have published the cookbook and Succession is making its way through agents' slush piles. I dread the mess I know is waiting when I must go rummaging through the pile to find my notes on little tidbits and changes for Succession I know are hiding in at least three of the notebooks, but the project itself has already taken so long. I'd rather not hold myself up another two or three months, which I'm sure it's going to take to sort the whole mess out.

It's all part of growing up I suppose. If the move did nothing else, it made Hubby and I realize how much of our childhood's we were still clinging to and taught us how to let go of what we can. There as an entire bookshelf of novels neither of us has read for years, bits of detritus from high school and college, and various brick-a-brack we've long outgrown. This is but the last of the scraps from college: collections of notes on English Literature and biochemistry mixed in with ideas, quotes, and various other notes crammed into the margins.

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  1. Hey there! It's NEVER to late to go to school...especially Culinary School! of my FAVES!!!

    Even if school isn't should just take some classes for fun!

    Have a great Wednesday!