May 29, 2009

Online Lifelines

Wednesday was a poor kind of day. You know the ones where you wake up not feeling so hot, and the children feel about the same?

I'd just called to make an appointment with two separate doctors the day before. One, I'm not going to go into until after the appointment because it's likely nothing, and the other is to have my hearing tested. I've had trouble understanding what's being said of late, yet my ears seem oddly hypersensitive to certain pitches. It's time to see if it actually is a mild case of Meniere's or my eleventh or so ear infection in the last four years. Either way, nerve damage at this point is likely.

I woke up with a feeling of having been wrung out and hung up to dry. Sneak was up three times the night before, and I was exhausted. Add seasonal allergies and soreness from upping my workouts, and I wasn't a happy camper.

Yet, as bad as I felt, I know Sneak felt worse. She was up so much the night before because of teething pain. Between the lack of rest and painful gums, Sneak was very cranky and demanded to be held all morning.

Thank you to those of you who I talk to on Twitter, or Facebook, or in blog comments. On days like Wednesday, seeing the good going on in your lives and having a virtual chit chat is my link to a happier me.

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