September 21, 2009

52 Weeks: Week 25 Update

This week has been better than several of the ones before when it comes to meeting goals.

Hubby and I had those weekly meetings. We actually got started last Sunday, and we had another one yesterday morning while sipping our first cups of coffee and before the girls woke. We started out speaking about ways to streamline everything we do, so we'll both have more time to play with our girls and simply enjoy being their parents, hopefully without having a gigantic list of things to do in the hour and a half between the girls' bedtime and our own. Then, we moved on to behavioral issues we've had with the girls in the past week, mostly developmental hangups, and how to deal with them.

We decided I'll employ a variation on Keeley's zone method, which should take care of the of the housework in just eighty minutes a day. This doesn't include laundry, of course, but still an improvement. More on this tomorrow. Hubby is going to speak with the other high school teacher today about trading off days with the one period where there is only one class to allow them both a planing period even if it isn't every day.

I didn't manage exercise time very well last week between playing catch up with the housework and unpredictable blood glucose levels. Why I suddenly had issues with hypoglycemic events four days in a row after years without an attack, I'm not sure, but I think it was a combination of waking earlier and therefore having a longer jaunt between breakfast and lunch without time for a snack. So, I picked up some carrots and peppers at the grocery store this week. However poorly we did with the exercise, our diets were better this past week.

I even got up the nerve to make homemade chicken lasagna.

I did forget the Netipot a few days, but I'm remembering it more often. I'm actually adding it to the daily to do lists right now.

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