September 25, 2009

Random Thoughts on Home Economics

Remember when the "parenting" bit in home ec. went from a sack of flour in a onsie with a baby doll head stuck on the top to those electronic dolls that cried periodically? More realistic? Yes, but has one of those "babies" ever stuck its finger up its nose and then attempted to examine its caregiver's teeth?

Boo Bear examining the bag of toys Great Grandma sent from Georgia.
Never, ever buy the cutesy band-aids. Preschoolers and toddlers see them as boo boo stickers and will peel them off just to get another one. Even if the unit price is identical, the ugly ones are cheaper by reason of usage.

Why is it that the longest washing cycle takes forty-five minutes and the shortest dryer cycle takes just over an hour?

Whoever invented the crock pot should have received a nobel prize.

Same goes for the brains behind those new magic erasers.

Why does food processed in factories, requiring hundreds of employees and upkeep of machines just to run plus additives, packaging, and advertising in addition to shipping cross country, cost half as much as produce simply picked off the vine, washed, and shipped?

How come someone just now came up with a "green ice cream maker" when high school chemistry teachers have been teaching their students how to make homemade ice cream with two coffee cans for over a decade?

Weren't the old hand crank makers green enough anyway? Not as fun though, I'm sure.

How could my parents grow up eating the exact same dinner six nights a week, 52 Weeks a year without complaint, and my children won't eat anything I put in front of them more than once a week without whining?

Timers make cleaning more fun, especially when you're determined not to clean after it goes off.

Coupons never seem to be for brands you use and expire before you need them.

Creativity can make something out of the "nothing" you have in the pantry.

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