February 11, 2010

Oh hey, it is still here!

I know I kind of dropped off the map after Thanksgiving. Things got busy enough for me to forget I had a blogger account there for a while.

First I was busy trying to finish the e-book in time to give some family members a copy for Christmas. Unfortunately my hard drive died without warning while I was typing up the last chapter. Nothing could be salvaged, even what was on my flash drive since it will no longer open for some unknown reason. The only work I have remaining is what I had saved in my email archives.

So, for the past month I've been working on recreating the e-book and dealing with massive leaps in cognitive development both girls have made. Boo's advances generally make things easier with her. She's communicating more effectively and becoming more independent. It's Sneak's new found skills causing me trouble. Not that she means to cause trouble, but the ability to climb, an intense desire to figure out how everything works, and a Houdini like skill to get into, out of, and disassemble pretty much anything just naturally leads to issues.

Things are finally beginning to calm back down, and I will resume posting here now that I've remembered I still have a blog.

* Picture is Sneak playing over at her Nana's last month.

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