February 11, 2010


You know, I just now realized I've been neglecting this blog.

I knew it'd been a while, because I haven't blogged at all in the past three or four months, bogged down with an e-book I'd intended to release at the turn of the year as I've been. Scatterbrained, thy name is Amanda.

Sadly, even after all that work, I have nothing to show. I was typing away on the last chapter when my hard drive died without warning. It was a quick death, and I lost everything not saved in email archives. Not that I didn't back up my work on a flash drive, but my flash drive refuses to open.

So, I've been going back to the drawing board since my computer was repaired last month. Work on RoS is on hold until I have the first draft rewritten. I'll get back to the WIP-that-wouldn't-die when I take a two month break between first draft and revision.

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