April 13, 2010

Update on "The Cookbook"

For those of you who haven't been reading for long, I'm working on an ebook lovingly referred to as "The Cookbook," even though it's as much a collection of tips and tricks as it is a grouping of recipes. About a year ago, I decided against writing it, and then I started it up again as a Christmas gift idea for several young couples in our family. I was typing away on the last chapter back in December when my laptop hard drive died, and my flash drive would no longer open. So I lost the whole kit and caboodle, and I had to start over with the new year.

So, I've had to give out IOUs to the couples, and I've been writing up short articles, recipes, and tips to send out via email to them over the last few months. These I intend to gather up and edit together during the rewriting process and put together with the larger how to chapters I'm not sending through messages.

Anyway, here I am typing away about budgeting, and ways to stay or get fit and healthy, entertain, and maintain a nice home even with tight budget or time constraints, and I'm failing at it myself. I know the tips and tricks work. When I use them, our house stays nice, other than a maelstrom of toys to be picked up before lunch and the girls' bedtimes. I manage to fit in my workouts, and we eat amazingly well on a limited budget. Yet, I'm horrible about letting things get in the way.

Most times it's something medical. Either the girls are sick, I get run over by a migraine, or an old injury acts up and everything starts running in slow motion as a result. Lately it's been the time I've been donating to help the school Hubby works for with a revitalization and rebranding project. Not that I can't fit all the work in, but I forgot the time management tips and tricks I've picked up over the years. I just kept pushing on with one project until I was so worn out, I didn't have the strength or energy to move onto anything else.

The worst part of computer work is it's tendency to sap energy. But if you alternate between an hour working on the computer and an hour doing more physical labor, be it gardening, housework, cooking, or even fitting in a workout, not only do you have more energy throughout the day, but your computer work ends up being of a higher quality.

So I've realized I'm writing this book as much as a reminder for myself as I am hoping it will be helpful to other people. It's not about making life into this idealized fantasy but remembering ways to get the most out of ourselves and what we have at hand.

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