May 13, 2010

Struggling for Productivity Cont.

Okay, so last week I wrote about the way I divided the week in order to get more done regarding my computer work. How did it go? I'd have to say it went pretty well considering the week.

I had the week's blogs written and scheduled by late Sunday evening, needing only to supply my weigh in results for Monday morning's post. I was able to rebuild a few budgeting worksheets for the budgeting section of "The Cookbook" on Monday and Tuesday. I finished off the website and created a one sheet advertisement for the PR project on Wednesday. Thursday ended up being relatively overfull.

I'd been looking forward to setting back into a couple of old pieces of fan fiction I dropped to work on my original fiction a year or two back. At the time, they'd served their purpose. (I use fan fiction to sort of test drive new genres, writing styles, or working with certain archetypes.) Yet, with such a long break from fiction, I now feel the need to take them up again simply to keep my dialogue, plot building, and characterization skills up to par. Unfortunately, between cleaning two houses, running errands, and completely redoing a 6x4 garden by hand, I ran out of time before setting in on a story Thursday, and Friday, I crashed in an attempt to rid myself of a stubborn headache.

I'm a few days behind this week, having taken the weekend off to celebrate the start of my last year in my 20s, but with the relative completion of the PR project, I'm sure I'll be caught up before the start of next week.

I'm hopeful.

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