February 20, 2012

Facinating People

Today's blogging challenge assignment is, "Someone who fascinates you and why." It's another stumper for me.

I figure the challenge author meant a celebrity or something. Frankly, I couldn't care less about celebrities. Having worked in the media from college onward, I've met several, albeit all local ones not counting the few I've just spoken to online. Maybe I'd feel different if my first four or five experiences weren't awful, who knows? Thankfully I've met some lovely ones since, or I'd be nothing but jaded. Still, I've no desire to find out all about someone's personal life because I like their music, shows or movies they've acted in, or what not.

Their creative process on the other hand... That is fascinating.

I love talking to other writers. It's a unique joy to speak with scientists, when I can keep up with them, which admittedly isn't often when they're physicists. My math skills hit a wall somewhere between trigonometry and calculus. I'd love to get the chance to speak with a composer.

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