February 18, 2012

My Favorite Movie Revealed

There are a lot of movies I really love, but there's something about Dragonheart that keeps pulling me back to it. Maybe it's the characters. Maybe it's the Arthurian influences in it. I don't know why exactly, but it's one of those movies, like a favored book that keeps pulling you back time and again.

I've talked about it before over as one of the main influences for the Yekara Series. Though there, the novelized version was as much of one as the movie, mostly in learning to deal with descriptions of a species as large and alien as dragons.

Bowen served as mentor to Prince Einon in hope he could teach the boy the Arthurian code, and thus usher in a new age of chivalry in the kingdom. Then the prince is mortally wounded and saved only by the aid of a dragon. When the newly crowned King Einon begins behaving even more cruelly than his father, Bowen blames the dragon and vows revenge on him.

Years later, a peasant girl and priest shame Bowen into joining forces with the last surviving dragon and peasantry to overthrow Einon's regime.

That's my favorite movie. What's yours?

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