February 21, 2012

What attracts me...

As I said a week or so back, I'm more about personality than physicality. So what are those personality traits that attract me?

Intelligence is first and foremost for me. Some fellows are very attractive, then they open their mouths and ruin it, be it through arrogance, vulgarity, or a complete inability to engage in a decent conversation. Give me a fellow who can meet me on equal footing, or even better, challenge me. This goes double for a guy who is knowledgeable about literature, science, mythology, psychology, or the entomology of languages and isn't afraid to theorize.

Next is a strong sense of self and confidence. Unless you consider an extended family I only ever saw once or twice a year, I grew up the eldest of my generation. Even among the children at church, there was a boy about six months younger and me with all the other children being either two years older than us or a couple years younger. As a result, I got rather used to taking charge though I'm not really a fan of doing so. Yet, I can't help but to speak up when I sense something going off track. I like a fellow who will do the same. It goes back to a desire for someone who can challenge me. There's very little more off putting for me than a guy who just says whatever to avoid any sort of conflict or disagreement, even just a debate.

Kindness, humility, and faith round out the traits I always looked for in a man.

I found them all in Hubby. He even has the Romanesque look and contrast of dark and light features that seem to make up my physical type. How could I not fall for him? ;)

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