March 21, 2011

It finally happened.

I had to give Sneak her first haircut several weeks back. It had grown down nearly to her waist, and the ends still retained their newborn curls, even after two and a half years. But, like most toddlers, she can't stand to sit and have her hair brushed, so I still have to hold her to groom her hair. It was getting to where I could no longer do a decent job of it.

So one Sunday evening, after a particularly trying time getting the girls ready for church, I popped in a movie the girls had never seen before and set up to cut their hair. Boo Bear is a pro at having her hair trimmed, so hers was no problem. Then it was Sneak's turn.

Hubby had work to do, so he was back in our room grading papers for the most part. However, he came back into the living room when I was about halfway through cutting Sneak's hair. He didn't really want to cut her hair though he agreed it was needed, and he groaned just a little. Despite the ear infections, Sneak has excellent hearing, and she turned her head to see what was bothering her Daddy just as I was snipping. I ended up having to cut her hair about two inches shorter than I'd originally planned. But, it still came out looking okay.

The most important part though is that she loves it. All in all, I ended up taking off about a pound of her hair. (It's super thick!) So, it's a lot lighter and cooler for her, which is nice as it's starting to reach the upper 70s this week.

I can't get over how much older it makes her look, though. It kinda makes the transition from toddler to preschooler that much more obvious. (Even though she's pretty much done with the preschool curriculum already since she won't let Boo Bear have a lesson without her sitting in too.)

It's a horrible picture, I know. The camera we were using at the time was weak.

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