March 22, 2011

Late Winter Slump

I disappeared at the end of January, didn't I?

As much as I would like to blame being snowed under a ton of new business, that wasn't the case. February and March have always been difficult for me. I don't know why, but they feel like a creative black hole. Maybe it's the yearly cold I seem to get in late January, early February. Maybe it's burn out from creative excess in December.

Anyway, Hubby, the girls, and I all ended up catching a cold that was going around the school where Hubby works in early February. Then two or three days after we got over the cold, we were hit with a rebound sinus infection. The whole week afterward, we were all lethargic, and I'd gone back to being hypersensitive to the cold. (Something I hadn't had to deal with much since I gained so much weight back in 2006, so I was a big ol' wimp about it.) And it was like I just didn't manage to pull myself out of it.

Okay, I was lazy, plain and simple. Instead of putting my nose back to the grind stone, I started devouring short stories and movies, telling myself it'd get the creative juices flowing again. I'd do a couple chores then grab a cup of coffee. The girls would want a cuddle, and the next thing I knew, it was an hour or so later. Not much got done except what was necessary.

I finally got a good "look" at myself at the end of last week, and I was disgusted by what I saw. I was right back to where I was back before I started the 52 week challenge. So, I'm trying again. Last time I tried to change too much too fast, and it didn't stick the way it needed to.

More on what I'm doing this time tomorrow.

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