August 16, 2011

Of course I'm obsessed with being a Super Mom. I'm a mythology geek!

I mean is the legend of the super mom any different than any other mythological tale of mystical creatures? She keeps a spotless house, perfect garden, has angelically well behaved children and an everlasting reserve of patience when they happen to be as rambunctious as everyone else's kids, and still manages to make her own clothes and cook a gourmet meal every night. Honestly, when you hear about this chick, don't you expect to find her in a cottage full of dwarfs with a unicorn grazing out back?

Okay, I know I posted the to do list last week, and yes, my list really does look like that or at least something close every single day. However, I count it a good day if three quarters of it gets done and okay if only half is marked off.

An impromptu nap amongst the scattered toys in 2009.
I've gotten the odd comment implying I'm some sort of "super mom" every now and again, and it's a kick to the gut every time. I'm not, and I've never tried to claim I was. I've even written about how anti-super I am. Yeah sure, I'm busy, but so is every mom. I've yet to meet a mother worth her spit up stains who sits around watching soaps and eating bonbons all day.

Scary Mommy had a post on the Myth of Super Mom this morning, which inspired today's post, obviously. And like she said, "We all suck at something."

If you've been reading for any length of time at all around here, you already know what I suck at doing: keeping up with anything in any sort of consistent way. I get things set up and get going pretty well for a while, then illness or something else upsets the routine, and it all falls apart. Quite frankly, I usually exhaust myself trying to get everything done the way I want to get it done and make myself sick.

I know there's little to no chance I will ever be able to keep the house clean, homeschool the girls, cook all our meals, take care of freelance clients, and grow my business all at the same time without working myself to exhaustion every couple of weeks. Yet, I can't help but try. Unobtainable as I know it is, I'm a perfectionist. It's a bone deep part of me I can't change anymore than I could make myself a delicate, petite flower of a woman.

And like I said, I'm a mythology geek.


  1. Great post! Thanks for referencing the post I submitted for Scary Mommy! I didn't expect the reception it received, but am thrilled to see it was something people could relate to. I didn't realize how many other moms don't fold laundry, either. :) good luck with your TO DO list! Mine never seems to shorten!

  2. Thank you.

    I don't think it ever will, really. Moms are like sharks; if we stop moving, we drown.