January 2, 2012

30 Day Blogging Challenge: My Current Relationship

Okay, so I thought I'd kick off the year with a blogging challenge. This one's been around a while, but it's still a good one.

So, day one, my current relationship.

Hubby and I met nearly ten and a half years ago. We started dating a month or so after we met. We've been together since, and we're actually coming up on our seventh wedding anniversary rather quickly.

We're both big ol' geeks. We have enough in common to have things we like doing together, but enough differences to each have our own things too. It was our mutual love of science fiction, writing, and the fact we were both taking the same form of martial arts at two different dojos that got us talking. He doesn't get my crafting, and I get tired of politics talk 24/7.

We both have strong personalities, but we tend to balance each other. Our girls are the joys of our lives as much as they might annoy us from time to time. We're both dedicated to making sure we give our girls the best education we possibly can, using our differing strengths and training to their full advantage. And family is one of the biggest things in both of our lives.

I won't say Hubby "completes" me because I was a full person before we met, but he does make me a better woman. He calls me on my faults and tells me my good points, even when I can't find them with a road map. He can keep up with me when I start jabbering on about some science article I came across, and he's helped me work out the kinks in several underlying theories for my stories, whether science fiction or fantasy. He "orders" me to get this or that checked out when I'd just ignore something until it nigh on crippled me, and he doesn't gripe, too much anyway, about how his 30-year-old wife has the joint issues of a woman nearly twice her age. (Yeah, apparently martial arts and a klutz don't mix very well.)

I call him on his faults and praise him for his good points as well. I make sure he takes care of his health and takes his anti-seizure medication. I remind him of the normal development stages for children our girls' ages when he forgets after teaching teens all day. I listen to his political rants and help him hash out problems he's having.

I count myself lucky to have found my husband. We passed each other without noticing for a full year before we met our sophomore year of college. I can't imagine my life without him in it.

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