February 22, 2012

The problem of storage.

I've had a major problem this year. I don't have near enough storage space.

It's not storage for clothes or whatnot I lack. No, it's storage for my business. I had no clue how much space oils, fragrances, colorants, molds, waxes, salts, clays, other specialty ingredients, displays, products, packaging, yarn, material, and all the other things I need for Contented Comfort would take up when I started out.

I don't have a proper shop. I work out of my home, a fact I'm beginning to find very limiting.

I'd planned on keeping everything in our linen closet. It held it at first, but now it's just about enough room for keeping the inventory of my basic lines. Fragrance oils, colorants, yarn, material, and labels have completely taken over our bookshelves. There's no hiding the soap bases, specialty oils, clays, and waxes since the only climate controlled area big enough to contain them is the space above my kitchen cabinets. Then my china cabinet has been taken over by specialty tools and equipment.

I have all sorts of ideas, but I've run out of room. So, until I can get a proper shop, I'm rather stuck. The increase one line must be at the expense of another. This is one reason the mocha line was discontinued. Some of the other base lines from 2011 may be retired as well unless sales of them pick up drastically to make room for the new "geek" lines.

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