February 23, 2012

You want to know what I really miss?

I miss my health. I want to feel like I did way back, before I got into the martial arts. They were good for my health in some ways true, but I injured so many joints in those years.

I didn't realize it back then, who does at thirteen? Given family history, there's no surprise injuries from fifteen or  more years back still bother me. Both sides of the family have trouble with joint issues and connective tissues. Even Hubby, whose family has pretty good joints on the whole, has a shoulder that acts up now and again after having it dislocated back in 2002.

Still, I've learned how to get my shoulder and hip back in socket when they slip out. I've found things I can do try and avoid aggravating the knee and hamstring I injured, and sufficiently thick socks can usually keep the foot I fractured from aching when the weather turns cold. So there's that.

Then there are the allergies. I've always had them. Some have gone or improved. Others have cropped up or gotten worse. They're why I love my Netipot, always have some kind of antihistamine on hand, and sometimes gaze longingly in the produce section of the grocery store. I miss watermelon and bananas something fierce!

It's the same with bread, pasta, and pastries these days. Not because of allergies, but having realized the effect they were having on my blood sugar. As much as I'd love lasagna or a doughnut from time to time, it's not worth the wobbly feeling an hour or so later when my blood sugar hits the forties or lower. Then there's the nerve damage and increased risk of developing diabetes that can result if I don't keep my levels under control.

It'd be really nice to have a few days where nothing hurt, and I didn't have to worry about what I ate. There's nothing for it though. Although I'd be glad to be rid of the pain of old injuries, I'm glad I learned how to defend myself should the need ever arise. Some type of allergy or other is just a fact of life for most of us these days. And at least I do have some control over maintaining my health without the use of a lot of drugs.

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