June 1, 2012

My geekiness, let me show you it.

While I will continue to make bath and body products with fragrances like Peppermint Cream and Lavender, I love making new blends and designs, and my major sources of inspiration just so happen to be science fiction and fantasy. It's a shocker, I know, what with my being a science fiction/fantasy/historical fantasy writer.

Oncoming Storm Goat Milk and Glycerin Soaps
As such, I'll be attending science fiction conventions beginning with Con Kasterborous next weekend right here in Huntsville, AL. I discovered the convention right on the heels of a conversation with another crafter back in December regarding what we wanted to make this year. I discovered the Doctor Who series this past fall, and I wanted to make a few soaps inspired by the different versions of the title character. Since I've had a bit of trouble finding episodes of the classic series, I decided to start with the latest three Doctors.

First there's Oncoming Storm, inspired by Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. The bars are uncolored goat milk soap marbled with black glycerin soap. The fragrance itself is a blend of marine, ozone, tobacco, caramel, mandarin,  woodsmoke, leather, and musk. Reminiscent of a summer storm rolling in, it's a very clean scent with masculine undertones.

Skinny Bloke Glycerin Soaps
When it comes to David Tennant's Doctor, who can forget the famous pinstriped suit with trainers? I preferred the brown suit with blue pinstripes, but a design mimicking the Tardis blue suit with red pinstripes turned out looking better for the soaps. The bars are made with clear, detergent free glycerin so the colors come out cobalt and crimson instead of denim and sandstone.

I wanted to call the variety, Skinny Boy in a Suit, after Donna's famous line, "Come on you skinny boys in suits, get to work!" from "Journey's End." Alas, it's way too long for the labels, so I decided to settle for Skinny Bloke as a name. The fragrance used in them is a blend of marine, ozone, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, and musk. The resulting scent is clean with lightly sweet and spicy heart notes.

The Bow Tie Goat Milk and Glycerin Soaps, Guest Size
That brings us to the current Doctor, Matt Smith's Doctor. I admit, I'm not entirely sure about the design on this one. I went with uncolored goat milk soap marbled with bright red glycerin soap because of the famous red bow tie worn by this eleventh version, from which it also gets it's name. I may experiment with other design possibilities in coming months.

The fragrance is a blend of marine, ozone, lemongrass, sage, and black amber. It's the kind of smell that brings up images of a professor marking papers with a cup of hot tea with lemon cooling at the edge of his desk. I know Sylvester McCoy's Doctor was the one known as the professor, but Smith's Doctor reminds me of one as well, likely because of his taking on Amelia Pond as a companion at such a tender age, or well, trying to at any rate.

Those are all the new soap varieties for today. I have five more I plan to debut at the convention as well, but that's another post.

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