June 12, 2012

Con Kasterborous Recap

I went to Con Kasterborous in Huntsville, Alabama this past weekend. It's one of only three dedicated Doctor Who conventions in the U.S., and it was in it's first year.
Thanks to Emma McCauley for the photo!

It was great, especially considering it was the convention's first year. The turn out was way higher than expected. The costumes looked great, and both the guests and convention goers were delightful. I think everyone had a blast. Want proof? Lady Soliloque made a video of the goings on.

I'll say, I did stick out a bit like a sore thumb in the dealer's room. Bath and Body products aren't something you'd expect to find on sale at a science fiction convention. I mean, how many folks carry science fiction and fantasy themed fragrances and soaps? I got a few odd looks as people walked right past on their way to the FYE and Zero Gravity booths. 

A little later, when people came for their second visit to the dealer's room, folks came up close enough to see the names. Most grinned, giggled, or outright laughed when what I was doing clicked.

On the whole, the new geektastic line did really well. I had a ton of fun meeting and talking with fellow Whovians, and I can't wait until next year.

Make sure to check out the convention's blog, and make your plans to see us next year if you're out this way. Or do you need a visit from the party Dalek to convince you?

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