June 12, 2012

I live!

Great googly moogly, it's been forever since I've posted! I did not realize I'd been away for so long.

I bit off way more than I could handle, I think. Back in January I paid for a table at a brand new Doctor Who convention in the next town over. It was going to be the first year for this particular convention, and I figured a nice little convention would be a good place to cut my teeth. Turns out it was one of only three dedicated Doctor Who conventions in the United States, and it turned out way bigger than anyone expected for its first year.

March and April were jam packed with the end of the school year, even though the girls demand lessons and projects year round at this point, and work on three large crochet projects. First I was finishing off the shawl I was making to pay Little Brother for finishing off the green house. Then I had two baby blankets to make, first for our new niece and then for my new second cousin.

The blanket I crocheted for our new niece.
There must either be something in the water, or it's a slightly delayed reaction to the April storms last year. But it seems most every woman I know of child-baring age who wants more children is either expecting or just gave birth. Just as I finished the second blanket, we learned we will be getting another new niece or nephew just before Christmas!

The last three weeks have been absolutely nuts. I didn't realize exactly how many items would be involved in launching eight brand new fragrance lines in one show until I was elbow deep in making them. It took three weeks of sixteen to twenty hour days to get everything made, photographed, packaged, and packed. All I can say is thank the Lord for a loving husband and daughters who are willing to help however they can, be it with packaging or handling some of the household chores!

Suffice to say, I will not be introducing more than two or three new fragrances at any one event ever again!

I am planning to do at least one or two craft shows this summer and fall, and I am already looking at ConStellation in October. However, this event has taught me a few lessons that should keep me from getting myself so completely covered over during preparations.

I can hope anyway.

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