June 7, 2012

My geekiness: let me show you it. Part Two

I'm back, and today it's the ladies' turn to see the new fragrances designed for them. These will also be debuting at Con Kasterborous this weekend.

Atlantis Goat Milk and Glycerin Guest Size Soaps
First up is Atlantis. The design and fragrance were inspired by the Stargate Atlantis series.  The soaps are a blend of goat milk soap and glycerin in blue and indigo swirled together.  The scent is a blend of Sea spray, marine, cedar, amber, mandarin, white peach, mango, vanilla, and musk.  It has a very tropical appeal to it.

I'm actually surprised at how water like the tops of the soaps turned out.  I expected the marbling to turn out more like the Dreams of Earth soaps did, but the pour was at a slightly higher temperature.  It was a happy accident this time, but one I'm sure to remember whenever I make a batch in the future!

Dreams of Earth Goat Milk and Glycerin Soaps
Next up is Dreams of Earth, inspired by the search for Earth and the Thirteenth Tribe throughout the Battlestar Galactia Series. The soaps are a blend of goat milk and glycerin soap in light blue and emerald green swirled together.  The blend of sea spray, marine, lily, jasmine, freesia, and evergreen evokes images of early summer days near the sea. 

I love how the marbling continues throughout the bars on this one. What a difference five degrees can make!

Okay, I only designed three new original fragrances for women this year, but they dominated my designs last year.  Now that the lines are a bit more evened out, I'll try to keep a balance.

Pa'u Zhaan Goat Milk Soaps
This last one is, I think, my favorite of this year's new scents: Pa'u Zhaan.  Farscape fans will recognize the name of this priestess. The mix of water orchid, jasmine, lemongrass, green tea, white gardenia, apricot, geranium, and cucumber fits her femininity and botanical nature. It's very distinctive without being overpowering.

The bars are made with goat milk soap marbled in shades of baby blue, sunny yellow, and white.

Pa'u Zhaan Soak and Smooth Set
Oh, and lest I forget to mention, these three fragrances come in more than soaps. (Though, to be fair, the men's fragrances shown in the last post and in the one to come also come in aftershaves, but I just took the pictures for those this afternoon.) I'm making bath salts, fizzy bath tabs, and hand lotions in all three of these fragrances, but that's another post.

I'm so happy my wholesaler is carrying more than three or four oxide powders! Now that I'm not limited solely to botanical powders, I can start adding a bit of color to bath salts and fizzy tabs without the mess created using botanical powders for that kind of thing.

Make sure to come back Saturday to see the last two fragrances in this year's line of original fragrances, inspired by Twilight.

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