July 18, 2012

Another Double Birthday Party

The girls had their birthday party a little over a week back. We're not ones to throw elaborate parties for them, but they do get at least some cake and ice cream with family.
I found a pina colada cake recipe on Pinterest a month or so back, which I altered just a bit to make it more decorating friendly. So we decided on a simple tropical theme, which just so happened to fit in with the weather we were having. We'd just had a few showers after a solid week of triple digit temperatures, so we had the party late in the day when it was a bit more bearable. We figured the children could play outside a bit, maybe catch fireflies.

Boo Bear and Sneak loved their cake, and the big tray of fruit Nana cut up!
Once again, we asked folks to just give money. This time we planned to get the Lexia reading program, addition and subtraction wrap ups from Usborne Books, and several science labs for the girls to do throughout the school year. And once again, that's what happened. They got a few little things to unwrap, but they also got enough to get all the things Hubby and I wanted to get them to make the 2012-2013 school year a really great one.

We ordered Lexia and the wrap ups within a day or two of their party, and they've been using Lexia for about a week now. Both girls love it. We couldn't be happier on that front. Their math wrap ups arrived yesterday, and they're so excited to try them out this afternoon.

Cousin G and his mama getting the sidewalk chalk ready.

After the cake was eaten and the presents unwrapped, we all went outside. The girls and their cousin played with the sidewalk chalk they'd gotten and the ride on toys Nana keeps for them. There haven't been as many fireflies this year, so none ever came out for them to try and catch, but they had a good time anyway.

Sneak playing with Hubby.

Not long after the sun went down, some of the neighbors started shooting off the fireworks they'd bought for the 4th since it'd been too dry to do so one the actual day, and we'd gotten rain earlier in the day. So we all climbed into the backs of Pops' and Little Brother's trucks to watch the display until another downpour chased us all inside.


  1. So cute and the cake looks like it turned out GREAT