July 19, 2012

Homeschooling Moms Spend the Summers Lesson Planning Too

If you've seen my Pinterest boards, you know I've been pinning quite a few project ideas lately. Well, it's summer, and I'm a homeschooling mom. I lesson plan during the summer the same as any teacher.

I mentioned some of the materials we've ordered in yesterday's post. Yes, we use a computerized curriculum for the basic lessons, but we don't stop there. Both girls are kinetic learners. They learn best when they can get their hands on something or move in some way.

Which, combined with their love of a particular British show, led me to an idea for bringing history lessons to life for them.

The 9th Doctor and his TARDIS
I've mentioned before how both girls got really into Doctor Who when we started watching it last year because Christopher Eccleston, who played the ninth version of The Doctor, and Hubby look kinda similar. Well, who better to be their history teacher than an actual history teacher who wouldn't mind playing one of their favorite characters for them?

Here's the idea. Each Tuesday, we will introduce a new history lesson from the Alabama course of study for first grade. We'll cover the lesson all week, then when Hubby gets home from work on the following Monday afternoon, we'll have a special history lesson/test. With Hubby playing The Doctor, they'll all take a trip in the TARDIS to the event or society we've been studying. And since this is The Doctor we're talking about, several things will be off, so it'll be up to the girls to set things straight to save history.

Sometime between now and the official start of the school year August 20, I'm going to take a couple of the big boxes I have left from supply shipments, some blue and white paint, and make a collapsible TARDIS for these lessons. I'll post pictures when I do.

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