May 16, 2013

New Fragrance: Firefly Inspired Shiny Mech

If your family is anything like mine, you've seen Firefly and Serenity at least twice. We love that sadly short-lived series, so I just had to make one of this year's fragrances a Firefly fragrance. When I decided I needed all but one of my non-Doctor Who fragrances this year to be feminine, the choice came down to River Tam, Kaylee Fry, and Serenity herself.

After I found a natural colorant with shimmer, I knew I had to pick Kaylee, and thus was born Shiny Mech.
Shiny Mech (Mechanic) Goat Milk and Glycerin Soaps
Unfortunately photos don't pick up the more subtle shimmer the mica adds to goat milk soap, but the pink does sparkle. It was inspired by the fluffy pink dress she wore to the ball with Mal in "Shindig," and the black swirls represent the smears of grease any good mechanic will collect during a hard day's work.

The fragrance itself features strawberry, citrus, patchouli, heather, amber, hyacinth, greens, and dirt. The overall effect is sweet and feminine without being cloying.

And, you don't have to wait until after Con Kasterborous to pick these up in the store. (Though if you're planning to go and haven't gotten your passes yet, get over to their site now! Early bird prices are closing soon.) The full sized soaps and guest soaps are available now, and I will be listing the perfume Tuesday.

I know I've been mostly posting new fragrances lately. Please do have patience with me these next few weeks. Right now, I'm rather consumed with producing this year's nine new fragrances and editing Right of Succession for its upcoming publication. We are still homeschooling, but otherwise, our lives are pretty much wrapped up in work at the moment. (Well, other than crocheting away on baby blankets for a new niece and a new cousin when I feel the need for some stress relief.)

Posts will gather a bit more variety again after June 9th.

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